Specialty Coffee Roasted in Small Batches

Our aim is to serve delicious specialty coffee for everyone every day.

Our beans are Specialty Coffee Beans and always Single Origin.

Our in-house roastery produces coffee for our shop and our online shop.

It is in our nature to compare something new with something we already know.

We have created a new and unique way by combining the best tasting food and delicious coffee
enjoyed at your work, at your home or in our cafes, without effort.

Coffee Beans 
-ground or whole-

Coffee Drinks to Go
M – F: 9:00 – 15:30

Roc Boronat 102
Poblenou, Barcelona

Why drink anything else?


We love good coffee, and we can’t think of a better way to start the day.
Our baristas make coffee that stacks up against the best in Barcelona.
And we’re proud to be part of the flourishing artisanal coffee movement here.
We all know where our beans come from, who grew them, who roasts them, and we all are passionate about making the perfect cup of coffee.

Try one any time of the day.

Or you can buy our coffee to make it yourself.
Find out more about our passion for coffee – our beans, the roasters, our coffees, and where to find the best coffee-making equipment.


The way we select and roast specialty coffee


Our focus on selecting coffee is evolving around the flavors of chocolate, caramel, almonds sometimes combined with fruity notes.
We are avoiding strong floral notes or fermented beans.
For us, coffee needs to taste like coffee used to taste in the “old days”. A perfect cup, free of bitterness but with a strong body, that can be combined with any kind of milk or enjoyed as a good filter coffee.
Our coffee is the every day coffee you are looking forward to drink.
Simply tasting good.


Our Coffee Packaging


Biotrē™ 2.0:

Biotré Film consists 60% of regenerative cellulose and is – especially under industrial conditions – biodegradable. Biological decomposition in an ordinary garden composter is possible.
40 % of the Biotré film has an additive that causes it to decompose.
Thanks to the fundamentally shorter decomposition time, this material does not generate nearly as much waste as would be the case with regular packaging


What our clients say


“Hey Super Team! The coffee has been delicious!!! Have liked them all, but today we opened the African and it’s so good I had to write to you!”

Thanks for the kind words

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