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Quality food starts with fresh, quality ingredients. We use locally sourced and seasonal ingredients that reflect the changing seasons.

The lunches are packed in compostable containers made of corn starch.


M – F: 9:00 – 15:30
Roc Boronat 102
Poblenou, Barcelona| @22

About Super

Like more and more people today, we like to eat good food –

food that tastes good and is good for you because you know what’s in it and where the ingredients come from;

you know and like the people who make it,

and you know that it’s wholesome and healthy;

you like hanging out at the place you buy it,

and you like the price because it’s the food you can afford to enjoy.

That’s Super Food.


We deliver lunches from Monday – Friday 9h – 16.30h. Through our unique cooking and plating method, your food will be delivered cold in a cornstarch container, so you can heat or eat cold, whenever you please.


The products from the deli section can be shipped within Europe. The sausages are freshly vacuum packed and can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 weeks or can be frozen at home.


Order your meals for the weekend and heat it up at your convenience. Fridays, we deliver to the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Maresme for orders above 50€.


A fresh approach to Food

Our special way of preparing the dishes allows the food to keep its vitamins and minerals.
Through the blast chilling technique, the cooked food gets cooled down super fast and can keep its vitamins and minerals.
The healthiest way to eat pre-cooked meals.

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Our Packaging
 -Avoiding plastic is our Focus

100% Paper

Our cardboard range of packaging, like cups, dessert containers, has no plastic lining. They are made of 100% paper and should be put in the biodegradable bin. The paper bin is unsuitable, as the food and coffee leftovers will not guarantee clean paper recycling.

Corn Starch

Our food container is made of biodegradable corn starch, which is excellent if the container ends up in the sea. For our modern living environment, you should dispose of the container in the gray trash to be burnt in the plant with low emissions.
The reason for this:
Our modern city bio plants have a quick turnover, and the container does not biodegrade in time.

Paper + Corn Starch

Our coffee packaging is certified biodegradable and has no plastic lining.


What our Chef recommends


This dish comes from my home town, Durban, South Africa which is flanked by the warm Indian Ocean. Durban has a large Indian population that has had a huge impact on our culinary identity as modern day South Africans. Our Indian population, predominantly from the South of India, has a reputation for cooking complex heavily spiced curries. Some of the best curries come out of the most unexpected places. A good currycan be found from a dining room of a 5 star hotel to the back of a car body shop, and everything in between. I will always be in the pursuit of a good curry. This is an homage to the place where I was born and grew up.


Biltong is an iconic part of South African culture.  Many African cultures salt and cure meats.  In South Africa we use this method to preserve venison as well as reduce any waste. Currently our biltong production is centred around beef.  We use eye of round to make our biltong.  The meat is salt cured, marinated and then dry cured with whole ground spices.  We sell whole dried pieces or we are happy to cut it for you with our mechanical biltong slicer.


We love sausages.  We love sausages so much that we got into sausage making.

The Habanero Bangers are made with prime pork cuts, pickled apple, habanero chillis and a good slug of Cider. The flavourful habanero is complemented by sweet pickled apple.

Our Italian Sausages are inspired by childhood memories of sausages eaten with pillowy bread rolls that were loaded with pickles and mustard.  On our search for the identical flavour notes we developed this sausage with the correct ratios of paprika spice, pepper, fennel and roasted garlic.

Venison Sausage is our salute to the hunt which provides the best, healthiest meat that mother nature can provide.  We use Iberian deer to which we add home cured bacon, blackberry jam, red wine and allspice.

For our Chimichurri Sausages we use our own chimichurri sauce to flavour these simple pork sausages.  Good pork, good chimichurri, good chimichurri sausage.  These sausages go best on the grill.



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